Winston's is the culmination of a dream more than 30 years in the making...

That dream was one many people have; to open a place for people to gather, spend time, and call their own. But just as Steve Elshoff was deep into his plan to launch a neighborhood coffee shop/craft brew & wine bar, a little thing called COVID-19 came knocking.  So what do you do when hosting your friends and neighbors inside isn't safe? You turn the coffeeshop into a food truck and create something Clintonville and all of Columbus has never seen before: a food truck that serves world-class coffee and one-of-a-kind waffles. 

Why is it called Winston’s? Well, when the pandemic started, it seemed like Steve's café dream would be put on indefinite hold. With restaurants getting hammered, opening a food business in an environment that was uncertain at best seemed not just risky but a little insane. As a lover of history, Steve looked to the past for inspiration and found it in one of his historical heroes, Winston Churchill, someone for whom darkest hours were calls to action. So in the spirit of Sir Winston, which is to say resilient, tough – yet always with a sense of humor – we decided to push forward, full steam ahead. After all, even in tough times, people still need a good cup of coffee to face the day, and delicious food to keep you moving. So, carry on, friends! Carry on!



Winston's is located at 3589 Indianola Ave., across from Weiland's Market in Clintonville. 


Our Hours

Tuesday​ - Wednesday

7:00am - 1:00pm

Thursday & Friday 

7:00am - 2:00pm
Sunday - Saturday

8:00am - 2:00pm 

Closed Monday



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